Transformative Justice

Michigan faces a stark reality: too many of our fellow citizens are ensnared in the prison industrial complex, with consequences that ripple through families and communities. Our state has one of the Midwest’s highest incarceration rates, so we recognize the urgent need for change.

For far too long, our state and nation have pursued punitive 'tough on crime' policies that disproportionately target and penalize Black and Brown communities. The result? Over-policing, systemic discrimination, and generations trapped in a revolving door of incarceration. Once branded with a criminal record, individuals encounter barriers to employment, housing, and basic services, perpetuating the cycle of re-incarceration.

At our core, we believe in a different approach. By embracing the principles of restorative justice, we strive to reshape the landscape of our criminal justice system. This means reforming policing practices, transforming our schools, and challenging prosecutorial norms. It means reevaluating sentencing guidelines and enhancing reentry services to support returning citizens in their journey toward reintegration.

We advocate for alternatives to imprisonment, recognizing that true safety and justice are not achieved through mass incarceration. Instead, we champion opportunities for rehabilitation, redemption, and restoration. Central to our mission is the belief in investing resources where they are most needed: in jobs, education, and community development initiatives in neighborhoods disproportionately affected by misguided criminal justice policies.

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